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South America

2. ISPAH Early Career Network

Research Article
Kabir Sadarangani
March 2018

Author: Kabir Sadarangani MSc, Associate researcher 

Organisation: Universidad San Sebastián

Source: Preventive Medicine

Title: Beneficial association between active travel and metabolic syndrome in Latin-America: A cross-sectional analysis from the Chilean National Health Survey 2009–2010 

Summary: Active travel (≥ 150min/week) was negatively associated with metabolic syndrome (MetS) (OR 0.72; 95%CI 0.61–0.86), triglycerides (OR 0.77; 95%CI 0.64–0.92) and abdominal obesity (OR 0.82;95%CI 0.69–0.97) after a regional multilevel analysis.

Efforts to increase regional active travel should be addressed as a measure to prevent and reduce the prevalence of MetS and disease burden in middle income countries.

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Age > Adult

Country > Chile

Region > South America